Residential Complex, Meneou, Larnaca
2013 – In Progress

Built Area: 33,116 m2
Client: Paschalis Holdings Construction Ltd
Design Architect: Photiou Architects

A large plain, bordered by Meneou village forms the site for this contemporary housing development. The particular charm and beauty of the place are the determining factors. The individual volumes are arranged in a chessboard pattern to create the maximum amount of open space for each building. Through planting new vegetation, each apartment building is set in its own landscape.

The buildings adapt to the topography creating a flowing landscape. The grounds and central building will be accessed from the northem entrance via a network of lanes. All buildings are linked to an underground parking. Within the development there are four types of buildings differing in size and floor plan depending on the location, view and light conditions.

The floor plan concept creates a flowing interior space where the covered verandahs which runs around the whole building provides a transition area between the interior living space and surrounding nature.

A central building with on outdoor pool is located at the northem tip of the site, forming a kind of retaining wall that continues to define the border of the property.