Private Residence, Mouttayiaka, Limassol
2017 – On site

Built Area: 238 m2
Client: A.Kitros
Design Architect: Photiou Architects
Structural Engineer: George Kolonias
Services Engineer: Eleni Violari,Adelde Ltd

The concept of this house was a desire to respond more closely to the landscape both in the appearance of the exterior, to the Mediterranean climate and contextual advantage of the interior.

The house is surrounded by an almost solid masonry wall to provide maximum privacy on an extremely challenging site. The rooms overlook a small central courtyard providing an intimate focus for the inhabitants. The layout places more emphasis on views within the building footprint than of the world outside, the main living areas are carved into the sloping site, whilst the circulation zone is kept to one strip exploiting the site to create a staircase/gallery.