Halls of Residences, University of Cyprus, Nicosia
1998 – Competition Entry

The design incorporates 200 student bedrooms with associated auxiliary areas. Arranged around two interlocking courtyards we establish a strong sense of unity with the surroundings of the campus though its use of carefully articulated form, site planning and internal organisation.

The buildings around the courtyard are broken in scale to enhance the quiet garden court.

The buildings are permeated by staircase halls at the corners through which students can pass on the ground floor.

The structure is made using cast in place concrete, steel and glass. Stone cladding on the concrete and fenestration sets the rhythm of the facade. On the 2 floors each student room receives daylight though a glazed balcony door and a narrow lancet window.

The intersection of the two courtyards accommodate the bar, restaurant and other auxiliary areas. This area will provide corrections to the main quadrangles.