Ministry of Defence, Nicosia
2002 – Competition Entry

The new Ministry of Defence will reinvent the process in the region by fully integrating its many existing buildings, promoting the values of transparency, accountability and democracy that drive the overall concept for the scheme.

The two distinct volumes establish a dynamic relationship linked by an upon public plaza. This ministry is a six building penetrated by a full height atrium at its centre and is capped by a glazed roof. At ground level the public entrance to the multipurpose hall at lower ground floor is via a ramp along a decorative pool. It generates an animated visual experience as daylight is reflected while it also cools and humidifies the environment.

The first 2 levels accommodates offices accessible to the public. The upper levels are raised above these areas providing offices at the perimeter of the building with meeting rooms encircling the atrium. The minister’s suite is symbolically placed of the top.

The atrium slices through the building revealing the interior in section.

Environmentally, both buildings are efficiently orientated to minimize unwanted solar gain, while allowing natural daylight inside.