Private Residence, Anoyira
2013 – In progress

Built Area: 434 m2
Client: G. Bunting
Design Architect: Photiou Architects

This secluded residence is located on the out shirts of Anoyira village. The special characteristic of the landscape as well as the brief led to a solution of splitting the house into three independent volumes. The different functions are scattered rather than squeezed in a single unit.

The main house is composed of two main orthogonal volumes, a two-storey volume with a four pitched roof and a single storey volume.

The volumetric composition is organised around the pool, surrounded by wooden and paved surfaces. The low-pitched roof, the simple orthogonal openings with wooden frames the external balconies, the inner courtyard with the staircase and the open air passage are all elements found in the traditional buildings of the island and are translated in this vacation house in a more simple and contemporary version.