Private Residence, Laiki Lefkothea, Limassol
2013 – In progress

Built Area: 515 m2
Client: M. Erhardt
Design Architect: Photiou Architects
Structural Engineer: P. Papadopoulou Consulting Engineers Ltd
Services Engineer: Aspelo Consulting Ltd

This family house in the hills overloading Limassol takes the form of two district horizontal volumes.
Where the lower volume is visually anchored in the landscape the cantilevered upper storey appears to float.
This impressions is reinforced by the different material treatments of each which contrasts the solidity of stone with the lighter rhythm of glass panels.
The house’s structural configuration increases space on the upper level and gives the ground floor an open character in terms of its layouts and of the relationship between interior and exterior areas. The glass walled principal bedroom cantilevers out and from the upper floor into the canopy of trees that grow beyond.