Private Residence, Polemidia, Limassol
2010 – In progress

Built Area: 280 m2
Client: Y. Roussos
Design Architect: Photiou Architects

This 280m² residence has been built in a 525m² plot that overlooks a public green area.

The client’s requirement of an internal courtyard as well as the orientation of spaces towards the park constituted basic factors for the organisation of the building’s functions.

These functions revolve around a main axis of circulation which is used either as a corridor or as part of a wider space, on both floors of the buildings. Entering the house, one may move towards the living room or the kitchen and dining area. Centrally placed staircase which leads to the first floor allows for visual contact with the upper floor and external courtyard.

The attempt to integrate the kitchen and dining room into the plan, without losing the sense of spaciousness and visual contact with the exterior surroundings, led to the creation of a single unified space with distinct however functional zones. A veranda for dining purposes acts as the natural continuity of this interrelated kitchen dining room combination.

The veranda in front of the living room is used as a main living outdoor space, acting as a natural boundary that segregates the swimming pool from the garden.