Private Residence, Yermasoyeia, Limassol
2014 – At Tender stage

Built Area: 426 m2
Client: I. Sobhy
Design Architect: Photiou Architects
Structural Engineer: George Kolonias
Services Engineer: Prime Design Consulting Engineers
Quantity Surveyor: Sotos Nicolaou
General Contractor: TBA

This house is located on a tough ground, of whimsical configuration and accentuated slope.

The organisation of the plan is developed with regards to the site and functions. The plot defined the house in its volumetric and in the distribution in two separate volumes, one for inhabiting and another for parking the cars.

Several contrasting textures and colors are used on both exterior and interior surfaces. On the exterior surfaces rough texture of concrete wall using plywood form, wooden sliding shutters made of Japanese cedar, aluminum panels and plaster are used. And on interior surface walnut flooring, plastered wall and ceiling, black sandstone and aluminium windows are used. We carefully selected these materials so that the house will age beautifully and become more attractive as time goes by.