University Masterplan, Aglantzia, Nicosia International Competition Entry
1993 – (Second Stage, Shortlisted)

This was a two stage competition for the masterplan of the University of Cyprus in Nicosia.

Our design sees the town as being emphatically the appropriate symbolic form for the University.

The town is planned for social liveliness, mixed use instead of rigid zoning, the creation of numerous opportunities for social meeting.

High density low scale and the exclusion of motor vehicles permit the ordering of external spaces in a lively and dramatically contrasting way. Streets and squares with shops and bars, a formal ceremonial agora, residential and academic courtyards all give a varied form texture.

The principle central academic buildings, the cultural centre and the students social building are grouped around a formal agora. South from the Agora runs the high street with schools fronting onto it and enlivened by some residential buildings.

The Agora, the High Street and the Lake Plaka at the south are designed to establish the essential character and liveliness of the Town.