Private Residence, Mesovounia, Limassol
2013 – Under Construction

Built Area: 323 m2
Client: C. Kallis
Design Architect: Photiou Architects
Structural Engineer: George Kolonias
Services Engineer: Aspelo Consulting Ltd
Quantity Surveyor: Sotos Nicolaou
General Contractor: X. Pisia Oikotechniki Plus Ltd

Strategies for building a sloped site fall into two main categories. The architect may choose to cancel out the effect of the slope through the constructions of a podium by setting the structure on stilts. This design for a family house adopts another gentler strategy, following the fall of the land and allowing it to become a defining characteristic of the architecture.

As a result the house presents a single storey to the street but slopes down to accommodate a second storey on the garden side.