The studio

Photiou Architects is a consultancy practice working from offices in Limassol, Cyprus. The office was first registered in Cyprus in 1973 by one of the current Directors, Photios Photiou.

In 1991 Photiou Architects became a multi disciplined Practice and has subsequently seen further expansion to include such services as Town Planning and Interior design, whilst also extending its computer capabilities. Photiou Architects have major experience in all aspects of design and contract management and since its formation has emerged as one of the leading practices in commercial and tourist developments in Cyprus. The work embraces major housing projects, hotels and holiday villages, as well as office, retail and factory development, including municipal and civil establishments.

The Practice also provides, through associated offices, structural design, landscape design and electrical and mechanical engineering services to suit the needs of the client. Photiou Architects is dedicated to producing the highest possible standards of architecture, within the client; parameters of each individual project. This is the result of the Practice being involved in the preparation of feasibility studies together with social and market research on prospective projects, in addition to assisting clients in the preparation of individually tailored design and development briefs.

The practice maintains a consistent design philosophy which involves all the members of our experienced design team resulting in schemes of the highest quality.

Integrated Design Teams

At the heart of the practice’s organisation are the design teams, which are formed to take a new project from inception to completion.

The developing schemes are subject to regular design reviews within the office to ensure that quality is maintained and to take advantage of cross fertilisation between projects. Design teams collaborate on each project with leading engineers, cost control consultants and other specialists.

We believe the best building come from close co-operation between client and their advisor.

We have developed a series of strategies in relation to sustainability energy efficient design and the inventive use of traditional materials. The location and function of a building, it’s flexibility and life span, it’s orientation form and structure, its heating and ventilation systems and the materials used, together impact upon the amount of energy required to build and maintain it and travel to and from it.

Our practice strives to minimize our own impact on the environment by making sustainability a fundamental part of the way we operate and approach the design process and delivery of our projects.